In our community, corporations are called upon to give charitably every year, not just in the profitable years. Wouldn’t it be nice to set aside charitable funds in the “good” years and then use them to give during less profitable times? Corporate Charitable Funds make it possible to set aside money when it is prudent for tax planning purposes, and then allows the funds to be granted over time. Funds are invested in a diversified portfolio, from which grants are made based on your written recommendations.

The Corporate Charitable Fund program can cut costs and increase the scope and effectiveness of your giving. Instead of highly compensated, busy corporate officers fielding and evaluating requests, you can “outsource” the administrative aspects to the Foundation.

Nonprofit organizations requesting grants will be courteously received, given information on the corporation’s charitable priorities, experience fair and full evaluation of proposals, and be clearly informed about grant decisions. Corporate officers recommend projects for grants, receive summary reviews of proposals, and, if desired, solicit advice from the Foundation’s knowledgeable staff.

For inquiries or to get started discussing your company’s needs and ideas, call Belinda Dinwiddie Havron at The Community Foundation at 615-321-4939.

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