Whether it is streamlining an annual charitable giving process or helping employees struck by disaster, we apply our extensive experience facilitating a broad range of charitable goals to create the corporate philanthropy program that works for you.

When a company is committed to giving back to its communities and employees, the desired outcome may differ but the approach should be the same: to use resources strategically and wisely to accomplish charitable goals to maximum effect.

The Community Foundation is a partner to companies, offering customized, time and money-saving philanthropic solutions to achieve the broadest range of charitable objectives.

If one of the following charitable vehicles isn’t a fit for your company, call The Community Foundation at 615-321-4939 to discuss how we can tailor a solution for you.

What We Offer Corporations

Corporate Charitable Funds

In our community, corporations are called upon to give charitably every year, not just in the profitable years. Wouldn’t it be nice to set aside...

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Employee Care Funds

Employers often want to support employees who suffer tragedy. Cases of natural disaster, death, life-threatening illness or serious injury are circumstances that make us all...

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Additional Corporate Giving

Alongside our Corporate Charitable Fund and Employee Care Fund, the Community Foundation offers the following opportunities: DISASTER RESPONSE FUNDS Corporations want to respond when disaster...

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