The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Foundation, responsible for administrative policy and the authorization of all grants.

Each of the members brings his or her own experience and background, whether in business, community service, law, education, finance or other areas to bear on the direction of the Foundation’s work. Their experience with local issues and knowledge of changing economic and social conditions sharpens their ability to function on behalf of the Foundation. It is their responsibility to represent the donors’ interests, to support grantee partners, and to ensure through the years a most advantageous application of grant dollars.

CFMT Trustees Council

CFMT’s Trustee Council provides strategic guidance, advocate,  fund development, governance, and networking opoprtunities. The council has a passion for CFMT’s mission and a strong commitment to making a positive impact in the community. The trustees have demonstrated leadership experience and expertise in areas relevant to the foundation’s strategic vision and primary stakeholders. Through their willingness to commit time and effort, CFMT’s ability to support the community is further strengthened.

Class of 2024Class of 2025Class of 2026
Jamie CheekJana DavisRay Guzman
Shari DennisCarl HaleyAubrey Harwell
Farzin FerdowsiCatherine JacksonEllen Lehman
Kevin LavenderDecosta JenkinsRobert Lipman
Debi TateDonna NicelySusan Simons
Charlie TrostLarry PapelJerry Williams
Betsy WalkupJack Turner