The Community Foundation announces its annual scholarship application process opens Dec. 1, 2022 and invites students to apply by Feb. 3, 2023, at 5:00p.m. Central Time.

The Foundation administers about 160 scholarship funds, established by individuals, companies and civic groups. Students may be eligible for multiple scholarships and need only to submit one application.

Whether a student is studying law or horticulture, planning a career in criminal justice or teaching, or studying at a technical school or four-year university, The Community Foundation’s scholarship program supports individuals from various backgrounds and communities seeking funding for educational opportunities.

Scholarships also are available for students in Middle Tennessee who are legally blind or are survivors of cancer.

“There are many wonderful ways to give back, but seeing members of our community give to ensure students across Middle Tennessee can access education is, in my opinion, one of the best,” said Kelly Pietkiewicz, CFMT’s Scholarship Coordinator. “Education is the true key to so many successes in life, and our donors are making it possible for students from all walks of life.”


General Scholarships

These scholarship funds have been established by our generous donors to help students from a particular school or area, students pursuing a specific field of study, students with significant financial need and many other qualifications. We encourage all students pursuing educational opportunities to complete this one application for endless scholarship opportunities.

Special Requirement Scholarships

These scholarships have been created by generous donors with special requirements such as revolving deadlines or they are employer based for employees to purse educational opportunities.

December 1stThe General Scholarship is open to the public
February 1stGeneral Scholarship Application Deadline, all supporting materials must be submitted
Mid-FebruaryScholarship Committee meets and selects recipients
April 15thApplicants notified of the Committee’s decisions
May-JuneFinal materials received from all recipients

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