Accountability is a cornerstone of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s role as a grantmaker. In this role, we are a steward of donated resources, which are entrusted to us by people who believe in our commitment to meeting community need through responsible grantmaking. Key components of responsible grantmaking include due diligence and a system of reporting.

Due diligence means investing in vetted organizations with quality solutions that maximize charitable dollars.

In partnership with knowledgeable disaster experts and volunteers from outside our organization, who work in committees, we carefully review an applying organization’s good-standing, its practices and programs.

An organization’s grant proposal must detail:

  • How it will use resources to help disaster survivors;
  • What need(s) it will meet;
  • What budget is required to execute a program;
  • How it will collaborate with others in the community to avoid duplication of effort that would waste resources.

While periodic reports are required, there is always an open line of communication between us and our grantees. When needs emerge or evolve, we’re agile in response and work with grantees to ensure disaster relief grants funds can be pinpointed to those needs effectively.

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Amy Fair

Amy Fair

Vice President, Donor Services

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