Want a gift that is unique, needs no dusting, has no calories, and is meaningful no matter the occasion? Look no farther!

Charitable Giving Cards can be bought in a variety of amounts and given to friends and loved ones, teachers and graduates, colleagues and clients so that they can support a worthy cause of their choosing. When the cards are purchased the purchase price is fully tax-deductible.

Giving Cards can be redeemed online within a year and can be designated to support qualified charities throughout the U.S., including nonprofits, schools and religious institutions.

Giving Cards come in a wide variety of designs. Companies, families, and individuals can choose from the ready-made designs or create their own.


Q: How do I place a customized or bulk order for Giving Cards?

Call The Community Foundation at (615) 321-4939 and we will work out a tailored order.

Q: Is it easy to redeem the Giving Cards?

Card recipients simply have to go online, click REDEEM, and enter the card number printed on the back of the card. They can choose from a broad list of organizations, but if they don’t see their favorite nonprofit, the “Add Organization” feature is available to help support any qualified charity.

Interested in researching nonprofits right here at home?

Visit GivingMatters.com to find and learn about Middle Tennessee nonprofits to support when redeeming your Giving Card.

Additional designs available here.


Happy Birthday

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Congrats Graduate!

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Congratulations on Engagement

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