Established in 2013

Rev. Lonnie and Patricia Gable Scholarship

Eligibility:  This Fund is designated and intended to assist children whose parents work full-time in Christian ministry (including but not limited to those who are pastors, ministers of music, education or pastoral ministry or missionaries), and do not earn adequate income to meet the rising costs of a college education. Preference may be given to those interested in the field of engineering or related studies.

Rev. Lonnie Gable Jr. and his wife, Patricia, made many personal sacrifices as they championed Jesus Christ. While spreading the gospel and raising a family, they took on additional jobs to make sure ends were met, and at one time sold their home to purchase land to build a larger church facility. But what they may have lacked in material items, the Gables made up in fellowship and making a difference with each congregation they led. There are thousands of pastors and youth ministers, giving their all for the betterment of those around them while their own children often miss out on the opportunity to pursue a college education, because they simply cannot afford the related expenses.