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McLean and James Tate Memorial Fund


The last few weeks have been the hardest time of our life together.

On Monday August 5th after two weeks in the hospital, we were very hopeful that our two little babies were coming into the clear and we might be headed home, but into the night God had other plans. There was no stopping the pre-term labor despite all efforts from the best team of doctors and nurses. At 22 1/2 weeks on August 6, 2019, Baby Boy McLean was born at 4:33am and Sweet Baby Girl James was born at 5:06am. We were so blessed to meet them, tell them we loved them so much and hold them for their short life on Earth. They passed quickly and peacefully in our arms and are now in Heaven watching over us. We had a small, family funeral for them Tuesday, August 13th to lay them to rest together and say our final goodbyes, even though we know they will always be with us.

Our hope in the coming months is to honor the memory of both McLean and James via this charitable fund designed to show appreciation to our caregivers at St. Thomas Hospital, Christ the King Catholic Church and beyond by helping provide comfort for future families that may encounter this type of incredible loss. One specific goal of the fund will be to provide a new cart and cooling system that gave us the indescribable gift of more time with McLean and James before we had to leave them.

To make a tax-deductible charitable donation to the fund please click the blue box on the top right of this page that says “Give to This Fund” and follow the prompts! 

We love you all and are grateful for your ongoing support.

– Samantha and Taylor

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Amy Fair

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