Established in 2022

The Literacy Fund is created with the purpose of advancing the literacy rates of underserved youth across America. While we support and partner with literacy organizations, our funding is focused on literacy nonprofits which are helping improve reading and writing skills. While adult literacy and English as a second language programs are part of our purview, our fund’s focus is on raising adolescent literacy rates, especially in underserved communities.


The Literacy Fund FAQs

Who are our main focus groups?
Children- Focused on 7-18 year old children in traditionally underperforming/underserved schools throughout the South.
Programs- We are looking to fund organizations that can show a tangible and measured effect on literacy and reading comprehension rates for our target children.

Where do we focus?
Our focus begins first at home in Nashville, TN and radiates out across the Southern United States.

What are we?
A 501(c)3 Fund through the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. This allows us to have all donations professionally managed and tax deductible.

When do we fundraise/give?
Fundraising- We host one-off fundraising events throughout the year and are always open to receiving personal or corporate donations.
Giving- Once a year we select the few organizations to receive a lump sum gift.

Why is this work important?
The National Assessment of Educational Progress shows that across the country, from 2019 to 2022, average reading scores in fourth and eighth grades decreased by three points. In the South, 9 out of 17 states saw decreases with no states showing significant increase in performance. In Tennessee, in both 4th and 8th grade reading, the state showed a 5 point drop compared to the national drop of 3 points.

How do we provide grants?
While we host one-off fundraising events throughout the year, our focus is on our annual grant giving week. Prior to this week, we source grant applications from across the South. After the grant application deadline, we present finalist applications to our +80,000 Instagram followers @writtorg to help us select grant recipients. We do this because giving is a gift. We want our followers to experience the joy of choosing grant recipients in the hope that it increases their engagement in philanthropy.

Who are we?
The Literacy Fund is the philanthropic partner of Writt, a company seeking to celebrate the power of words through daily classic literature quotes, literature merchandise, author celebration, and literacy philanthropy. You can find Writt on Instagram at @writtorg or online at

*Your credit card statement will read The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee.

To donate by check:
Please write it to The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and note The Literacy Fund in the memo line.

Mail your gift to:
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
P.O. Box 440225 | Nashville, TN 37244