Established in 2011

Anne’s more than 25 years of volunteer work at domestic violence shelters, in roles such as therapeutic play facilitator, and with other related programs, has fueled the couple’s desire to invest in long-term solutions. Anne and Steve note, “The invaluable experience Anne received from her work with children, teens and women of all ages helped us realize not only the severity of the harm and dysfunction that abuse, particularly sexual abuse, creates but also how the cycle is perpetuated … Addictions, behavior issues, emotional/psychological trauma and low self-esteem usually result and can continue if untreated. Secrecy and denial give great power to the immensity of the problem.” Through this Field-of-Interest Fund, Anne and Steve intend to permanently endow support for children who need healing as a result of child abuse, and in particular, sexual abuse, and to support education related to prevention of such abuse.